Monday, August 31, 2009


I will accept my strengths.

I will accept my imperfections.

I will befriend who I am.

Sad. Joyful. Serious. Silly. Angry. Jealous. Trusting. Vindictive. Forgiving. Shy. Outgoing. Overenthusiastic. Insecure. Confident. Pure. Lustful. Self-conscious. Ambivalent. Wise. Ignorant. Empathetic. Fluid. Stubborn. Insightful. Shallow. Weak. Strong.

So often I get caught up in what I feel that I need to be, and all of the reasons why I am not.

I think that I need to see myself as a being moving forward on a path towards betterment in all things; and not as a being that would be great if certain traits could just be lanced off.

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