Monday, May 4, 2009


I love to read. I would read in a box, with a fox, with a mouse, in a house, here or there, I'll read anywhere Sam-I-am. 

There is a little lookout above Wasatch Boulevard, between 4500 South and that big industrial contraption at the mouth Big Cottonwood Canyon. I like to go there on warm summer evenings to read and watch the sun set. 

I was there one fine evening in the passenger seat of my car. I had the window open, and a copy of "Watership Down". I stopped reading to watch the sun set. It was beautiful; the sun and the pollution achieving a magnificent shade of red. The crickets were chirping and the breeze was perfect.

When the show was done I sat for a while pondering... whatever. 

"Wacha doin'?" Asked a stranger in a red sweatshirt, sunglasses, and a "Life is Good" hat. He and his dog were peering curiously in through my open window.

"Umm..." I said to the stranger. "I was reading, but it got a little dark."

"No shit. That happens at night." Said the stranger.

Yanking at the leash, he strolled on.

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