Sunday, May 10, 2009

Speak For Me Cat Power

Speak for me Cat Power: I believe in you. You keep on runnin'. Baby Doll you are in this hole; shaking paper, nude as the news as the king rides by. He turns down hate, love, and communication. The coat is always on the sleepwaker, his song to bobby. Don't explain how you may know him and he war, or say the fate of the human carbine. I don't Blame you, it makes no sense. You brave the troubled waters of the sea of love on your silver stallion with your salty dog. They tell me enough, the water and air. Good clean fun in the cross bones style. I believe you when you say the american flag is on top of the house of the rising sun. Yesterday is here and the living proof is in the red apples, wild as the wind. What would the community think of your evolution? Good woman walking the paths of victory, you are free. Maybe not; unfortunate fool. A werewolf with your metal heart. She's a ramblin' (wo)man left lonely. Where is my love? After it all, I've lost someone. I found a reason; 3 times the wonderwall, an empty shell with great expectations.

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