Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lessons Learned Living Alone

Walk around naked; it is quite liberating
Cooking is fun
Mail is exciting
Don't ignore cleaning
Don't obsess about cleanliness
Take out the garbage often
Garbage is collected on Tuesday
Odd smells are preventable
Water spots on dishes are not
Dirty dishes are a necessary evil of eating
Unclasp your set of measuring cups, otherwise they are a pain in the ass to wash
Measuring cups are overrated
That horrible noise that only occurs at night is just the heater- not a monster
That feeling of loneliness just means you aren't getting out enough
Invite people over; people don't want to intrude and won't come on their own


  1. I love you brother. You make me laugh. You could invite me over for espresso. Or even better we could christen your oven with some of my spectacular pizza. 'Odd smells are preventable' and the measuring cup series are my favorites.

  2. Thanks man! That would be awesome! I didn't know you made pizza?

  3. Scott, it's about time you updated this place! I've been waiting :)
    These sound like some profound lessons. I am glad there are no monsters, you're not obsessing about cleanliness and most important, walking around naked is liberating. lol....