Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Stomach: "Oh, dear God! Mouth! What have you done!?

Mouth: "I'm sorry!"

Stomach: *sob* "What is this?"

Mouth: *quietly* "...Molcasalsa."

Stomach: "Mouth! You know what happens to me when you eat Molcasalsa.... How could you do this to me?"

Mouth: "I'm sorry!" *shudder* "You don't know what the cravings are like! The carne asada, the rice, the beans, THE ENCHILADAS!"

Nose: "They smelled pretty good..."

Stomach: "Shut up Nose! Nobody asked you! You're a part of an unrelated sensory system- and this is none of your business!"

Mouth: "Leave Nose alone!"

Stomach: "Mouth, listen; Intestines and I will be paying for your 15 minutes of ecstasy for the next ten hours!"

Intestines: "Wait, what? What's going on up there?"

Stomach: *sigh* "Listen buddy, I have some bad news..."